Baby monitor onboard

Baby monitor onboard


When you drive with your new born, you drive with your eyes on the backseat? How long can you keep your eyes on the road and keep the driving steady? Mothers get more cautious behind the wheel. You can multitask when you are at home cheapest double stroller. But it is not preferable when you are on the road. Parents always turn around to check their tiny tots if they have a baby mirror. You think it will take only a second but a second’s carelessness may cost a life.

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What will help?


Even if they are babies or not you can always check on them with the help of a baby monitor. New mothers get exasperated when they take their young one for the first ride. There are moments when you fail to get the baby’s view in the mirror and powerless to reach what is happening?


Baby monitors work well for you in such a case. This can be wrapped into your car’s headrest or the backseat of the car. It is easy to install and will take only a minute are few minutes to set the system. Once your device is powered and paired with the monitor you will get a clear view of the backseat. Enable the camera to tilt it in such a way that you will be able to get the baby’s view. The camera can also be adjusted to get focus for multiple children.


The camera and monitor are powered with rechargeable batteries that can even last up to 6 hours. This comes with an adaptor and USB port. This helps in charging the camera directly from the car so  if you forget to switch off the device, you have a backup plan.

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 The car baby monitor works just like a house baby monitor. The Camera sensor image to the monitor is located near the driver which allows watching the baby without turning often. Lovely and cute, it gives enough attraction to the baby, alleviates the anxiety that the baby may produce during the car driving


Additional features include connecting the baby camp with the car’s navigator so that you can change your navigation route in case of any risk. By looking at the monitor, the driver can understand if their baby is okay and asleep. It also alerts you to take the child along with you before you exit the vehicle. Certain baby monitors even check the temperature and oxygen content in the car and alerts you if the baby is in trouble. So that is no more trouble while you drive with your new born


What to be checked before buying?


  • Check the quality of the resolution. Always get an antiglare camera lens so that it provides a better video quality.
  • Check whether it offers a night vision. Without upsetting the kid’s sleep you will be able to get the view .
  • Always go for wireless ones. There are chances for the wire to get entangled.
  • Consider using battery charged ones instead of plugging.